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Why Become an Exhange Student - Long Term
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As a long-term outbound student, you will spend a full academic year with two or more host families in a foreign country. You attend school just like the teens of your host country. While you are there, host parents become your parents—they not only provide room and meals, they provide support and guidance. While you’re abroad, host Rotary Clubs also provide assistance, including a monthly allowance and opportunities to meet other Youth Exchange students, make new friends, and see new things.

If you’re interested in this once in a lifetime adventure, you should your local Rotary Club. If your interests and qualifications appear to match the program objectives, you will be interviewed by the club and then asked to completed the long-term application.    Your long-term application will then be submitted at the Rotary District level where an interview will be scheduled.  If accepted as an exchange student, you and your parents MUST attend orientations that are designed to prepare you and your parents for your unique experience.

When you return from your year abroad, you’ll be asked to attend a re-entry orientation. You may also be asked to complete a short evaluation and comment form for the local Rotary district so they can improve the program.

Once you return with your increased confidence and new language skills, you’ll want to include your exchange experience on resumes and university applications. Most colleges and universities look for unique growth experiences like the Rotary Youth Exchange. They know that living in another culture and learning another language shows perseverance, flexibility and maturity.

But most important, you’ll want to share your exchange experiences
with family, friends, Rotary, school, church and your community.