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Subject: [Yeotalk] State Department

Dear YEOs,

On December 23, the State Department published a proposed set of new rules
for J-visa high school exchanges. A couple of days later it was withdrawn
because it had not been reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget.
During the past few days, Don Peters of Arkansas and I met with
representatives of the Department of State. They advised us that the
proposed new rules would be republished as soon as the review by OMB is
completed (possibly the end of February) and then there will be a sixty day
period for comments.

Those proposed rules included the following:

1) New content and methodology requirements for local
representative/volunteer training
2) Annual FBI Finger Print-based background check requirements for host
families and volunteers/staff
3) Further guidance on monthly visits (first visit to be conducted by
separate program representative)
4) Insurance information on the ID cards
5) Extensive new host family application and screening requirements
6) Single adults (with no children) are not permitted to host

It became apparent to Don and I that some aspects of these rules are really
"trial balloons" or attempts to have the youth exchange community propose
standards that fit the DoS needs and the reality of exchanges today.
Therefore, it is critical that when the revised rules are published that the
Rotary Youth Exchange community and Rotary leaders send in their comments
during those sixty days. We can influence these changes if we are effective
in responding to the DoS and in contacting our Representatives and Senators
once the rules are reviewed and revised.

In the meanwhile, we have a team led by Don Peters reviewing the set of
rules that was published so that NAYEN is ready to respond immediately to
the State Department and so that we can send to each of you a "model
response" that you can endorse, revise, or re-create as you and your
District Governor respond during the comment period.

We have also been in contact with Rotary International and the Council on
Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) so that they are
ready to respond as they deem appropriate once the rule is published. At
this time, until the rules are reviewed, revised, and republished, there is
nothing that we should do since we are not in a comment period and the final
form is not known. We will continue to keep you alerted to developments and
urge you to respond when the time comes. If we focus on the most important
issues and present clear comments and alternatives, we can make a

Yours in Service Above Self,

Dan Bronson, PDG
Daniel R. Bronson, President
North American Youth Exchange Network (NAYEN)

259 W. Fifth St
Quarryville, PA 17566
Tel 717-786-7277
Cell 717-615-4767

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